A Wellpark Production for BBC1

It is being said that this is an Age of Loneliness. Britain was recently reported to be the loneliness capital of Europe.

This film by award winning director Sue Bourne explores why the loneliness epidemic in Britain is affecting so many people of all ages. The problem is so wide spread and deep rooted now that it is seen as a major public health issue.

Bourne travels the length and breadth of the country to find people brave enough to admit how lonely they are. And go on camera and talk about how loneliness affects their lives. From Isobel the 19 year old student, through Ben the divorcee and Jaye the 40 year old singleton, to Olive the 100 year old who says she lives on lonely street, this film will strike a chord with many, many people.

Each story in the film reveals the painful reality of loneliness. But these stories also offer hope because they also show how different people can and have alleviated their loneliness in some small, but hugely significant, way

Loneliness is a difficult subject to make a film about because no one really wants to admit they are lonely. And, as a society, we are scared of being alone. But we are going to have to learn to deal with loneliness because more and more of us are now living alone and every year the numbers are rising. Soon one in four of us will live alone.

Loneliness is something we have to look at and understand better. This film could be the first important step in that process.


Produced And Directed By
Sue Bourne

Photography & Co-Produced by
Daniel Dewsbury

Marc Hatch & Jon Thomas

Steve Isles

Executive Producer
Grant McKee

Nick Follows