A Wellpark Production for Channel 4

Chris Morphet

Keith Desmond

Daniel Pemberton

Associate Producer
Vicky Crawley

Lawrence Williamson

Produced And Directed By
Sue Bourne

This was the very first film Sue Bourne made through her own company Wellpark Productions. Not only was it a hugely controversial film because of the subject matter, Perfect Breasts pulled one of the largest audiences ever for a documentary on Channel Four. The film was about the growing phenomenon of teenagers in the UK having breast implants. Increasing numbers of them saw implants as the latest fashion accessory, something to boost their self-confidence and change their lives. They were borrowing money from M&S to buy their new breasts or using their student loans.

But instead of being a tacky whizz around the subject what emerged was an intelligent, thought provoking film that showed that despite all their high expectations of how their new breasts were going to change their lives, things did not always work out the way they hoped.

The controversy around the film was heightened because one of the mothers said she was going to give her 15 year daughter implants for her sixteenth birthday: a story that made front page headlines in advance of broadcast  - thereby guaranteeing the compelling film a huge audience upon transmission.