Sue Bourne has been in Broadcasts Hot 100 twice in the last few years as one of Britain's top directors.

Broadcast Hot 100 - 2013

“The arrival of a new Sue Bourne documentary always feels like a treat in the schedules, but the director hit new heights with her delightful Cutting Edge film Fabulous Fashionistas. Meeting six women with an average age of 80, she presented an upbeat, inspiring film that questioned assumptions about ageing without patronising its subjects or hitting the audience over the head with a message. In classic Bourne style, a simple concept became a hook to explore the minutiae of everyday lives and the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, never shying away from the frightening aspects of mortality but ultimately celebrating the colourful lives of a group of women determined to accept and embrace the moment.

Broadcast Hot 100 - 2010

“As director of My Street for Channel 4 and Mum and Me for BBC1 Sue Bourne has developed her own genre of documentaries that begin with a personal experience and attempt to say something more universal. Her films have seen her knock on the doors of all the houses in her London street for My Street, visit pubs around the country with the most common pub name in Britain, The Red Lion, and put together the story of her own experiences with her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease in Mum and Me. A famed observational documentary maker, Bourne reveals an intense commitment to her subjects.”

Award winning, critically acclaimed and hugely popular with audiences, Bourne’s style of documentary-making is now almost a brand - instantly recognizable and enjoyed by many all over the world. While the fifteen plus films she has produced over the past ten years capture the essence of life in contemporary society, in her gentle, thoughtful way Bourne has repeatedly managed to find the “extraordinary in the apparently ordinary” and bring her quirky, often humorous, vision to a rich variety of subjects.

Bourne works more or less exclusively through her own tiny independent company, Wellpark Productions. By keeping overheads to a minimum and working with the smallest, most devoted of teams Wellpark Productions and Bourne have managed to maintain their commitment to making high quality, intelligent documentaries. Bourne has every intention of continuing that commitment to serious, top quality film-making for the next decade.


Wellpark Productions completed the celebrated Channel 4 documentary Fabulous Fashionistas exploring the art of ageing in the company of six extraordinary women with an average age of eighty. Click here for more information.

Currently completed A Time to Live, a new BBC documentary film about people with a terminal illness and their stories. For more information please click here and contact us.